Our Story
Our story

The Story Behind ORLO Watches

ORLO Watches was founded in 2016, but the dream on which our company is built stretches way back before that. It was the passion for classic watches and the ambition to realize a dream that had grown through generations of watchmakers that laid the foundation for ORLO Watches.

The Dream

The dream was to challenge the norms. To design and create unique watches based on proud watchmaking traditions without the typical price tag for similar watches. To create timepieces of exceptional value at irresistible prices.Intrigued by achievers, dreamers and adventurers, we wanted our watches to be a daily inspiration for people to be present and to actively work towards living life to their fullest with courage, compassion, willpower, pride, peace, patience and hope. Timepieces that people could identify with and that would convey a powerful statement.


And so the journey began. The passion for watchmaking and the indispensable desire to create timepieces that would convey a message became our guiding star. Our name, ORLO, was conceived with these elements in mind, inspired in harmony by the French word for watchmaking, ‘Horlogerie’, and the Old Norse name, ‘Orlog’, which used to describe a person’s destiny several thousand years ago. And what better symbol to express exactly this – the combination of watchmaking traditions and the reminder to be present and conscious of how we spend our most precious asset – time – than the hourglass, which became our company logo.

The Design

With passion and a relentless urge for perfection, a new line of genuine and beautiful watches soon emerged. Classic, analog watches built to fit a modern lifestyle. Imagined and built from the bottom-up, with stylish, timeless and minimalistic Danish design and top-quality components. High-end interchangeable straps in various materials and colors were added to provide the flexibility for the owner to stand out and express in different ways depending on outfit, occasion and mood. A few years on, we still stick strictly to these principles as our guiding star. That is your guarantee and our promise and what makes ORLO Watches so special.

What is Your story?

This is our story. Now, we would love to hear yours. Share your story on Instagram and use the hashtags #challengetime and #orlowatches. Tell us what being present means to you. Tell us about your achievements, your dreams and your adventures. Tell us about the choices you are making in creating the best life for yourself to a chance to get featured in our blog together with other exciting people like yourself.